Criteria for Selecting Trainees

  • Research focus areas that are aligned with the goals of this D43;
  • Commitment to a long-term career in NCD research;
  • A solid track record of research productivity including completed projects, publications and scientific presentations;
  • Written and verbal English language competency illustrated by a TOEFL score of at least 94 (internet-based test) or IELTS of 7.0 or higher;
  • Competitive application that includes a description of the NCD research questions or problem to be addressed, a detailed timeline of activities to be conducted during the training program, research and education background of the candidate including research accomplishments in manuscripts, presentations and other products, a self-assessment by the candidate of research training needs and objectives as well as readiness to sustain an ongoing NCD research career;
  • An institutional research environment supportive of managing larger scale research such as clinical trials as indicated in the candidate’s application;
  • Strong letter(s) of support from their appropriate department head and/or research supervisor demonstrating committed time effort for the trainee to complete all required aspects of the program and commitment of institutional support for the nominee’s ongoing NCD research development;
  • A designated institutional or regional area research mentor who has senior investigator status in the candidates focus area of research who provides a letter of willingness to mentor and support of the candidate’s application. Candidates will be made aware of the D43 designated mentors in Thailand/Indonesia and will be asked to make contact with an appropriate mentor from that list prior to making an application. The designated UM and Thai/Indonesian mentors will interview applicants prior to selection to confirm preparedness for the training program and to assess their training needs. Trainees may suggest mentors other than those on the D43 list if more appropriate to their area of research. In that case, the qualifications of the mentor must be included in the candidate’s application along with the mentor’s letter of support.  Explore possible U.S. mentors in the UM School of Nursing faculty directory.